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  First of all please read below carefully. Thank you.

   The academic staff who is in the main list should submit us their waiver if they decide to give up to attend the Mevlana Program. The waiver statements  must be signed and submitted  to mevlana@sdu.edu.tr  by August 08, 2016. The waivers without signatures are not valid.

    Please note that: People who don’t submit their forms on time, are deemed to give up their right to participate in the program without excuse and could not participate in Mevlana Exchange Program for the next 3 years.

   The academic staff who is in the main list should submit the documents listed below to mevlana@sdu.edu.tr by August 08, 2016. (Please kindly find the academic staff mobility program documents on http://mevlana.sdu.edu.tr/en/dokumanlar/faculty )

i.  Academic staff mobility form (4 copies)

ii. Academic staff application form (2 copies)

iii. Photo ( 4 )


     Please do not hesitate to contact us via mevlana@sdu.edu.tr .

     Please click below for the 2016-2017 Incoming Academic Staff List: